A Fond Farewell….


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farewell Sandy

The best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master.

Ben Hur Lampman (1886-1954)

And that is where my dear friend and companion of 16 faithful years, now lies.

I did not intend to keep having to be a bearer of bad news, and almost wanted to title this post using one of Kate Atkinson’s earlier novels When Will There Be Good News?, considering the sad turn of events over here lately.

But I just couldn’t let the passing of a dear friend and family member go by without some form of acknowledgement on this much treasured and cherished piece of personal space that I have come to call my own.

I guess I cannot say it any better than the following two kindred spirits who must have known what it is to have loved and lost man’s best friend.

farewell dear friend (4)

farewell dear friend (3)

Farewell, my dear friend.


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