Current view of my bedside stacks.

Couldn’t just let another month slip by without checking in on this poorly neglected space. Work exhaustion has been mainly what had prevented me from doing so earlier, when I was actually most excited to share about my visit to the latest bookish hangout in town, back in July.

The Tsutaya Bookstore, which has just landed on our shores, is a real treat.

I hadn’t had the same level of pleasure with a bookstore ever since my last visit to Taipei in 2018, which incidentally, was where I first came to know of the bookstore chain.

One of the best feature here is the generous amount of reading space the reader is provided with, and the liberty to enjoy unlimited browsing as if you were in a library.

Spend some much enjoyable time with this stack.

In terms of reading, I have been dipping into many, but finishing none.

Well, as long as I enjoy what I’m reading, who’s keeping count, right?



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