First arrival of the year, and it’s a true joy to hold and behold!

Happy New Year!

It wasn’t my intention to have missed putting up a Christmas / year end post, and I wished I could have wish you all a happy new year much earlier than this too, but it is what it is…..

The final haul for the previous year, courtesy of the annual year end Big Bad Wolf Books Sale. The offering at the sale this time was rather disappointing, and these were the only handful I managed to glean from it.

Very pleased with this beautiful hardback edition, though.

The whimsical nature of the photo on the cover somehow appealed very much to me this time as opposed to my previous encounters with it…..

Have yet to read any of Berlin’s stories but have been hearing many good things……

Two posthumous collection of Oliver Sacks’ essays, and I’m especially looking forward to his First Loves and Last Tales.

This year, the only clear direction I have with regards to my reading plans is probably to read more from my own stacks, and enjoy the treasures I have already stored up for myself from the many BBW sales of the past. Can’t wait to see what joy awaits me! :p

What about you, dear fellow readers?

How has the year started for you, I wonder?


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