New Arrivals!

They have landed, safe and sound.

And it was only after they arrived that I realized I had matching editions of each of these new additions in my existing stacks.

So, after much heaving & hauling, dismantling and re-assembling of my disorganized stacks, I finally managed to pull out the said copies for their photo shoot. :p

These two McCullers come in the form of one of my favourite type of cover designs (ie: black and white photo shots) and I was really happy with this copy of her Collected Stories which includes The Member of the Wedding (which I have been wanting to get my hands on for some time) as well as The Ballad of Sad Cafe. And all for the price of one! 😀

This third and final volume of Janet Flanner’s ‘Paris Journal’ has also been on my wishlist for the longest time. A reasonably priced copy that comes in what is described as “Very Good Condition” (free shipping included) doesn’t happen to come by very often, and when this one did…. grabbed it, I did! I had bought the other copy during my last trip to Paris (almost 7 years ago) at the Shakespeare & Co. (my sole acquisition from the iconic bookshop, and it had made a huge dent on my shoestring traveller’s budget back then!)

I listened to an episode of the Backlisted podcast recently and came away wanting to read Sayer’s Gaudy Night immediately. The editions available on Book Depository had cover designs that came with prices that I had no intention of parting money with. Finding this then, was bliss. And it was at a bargain price, too. Aren’t these lovely to behold?

Yes, I am definitely one of those readers who judge a lot, by the covers.


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