No, of course I didn’t order 40 books at one go. It’s a cumulative record of my orders with Better World Books over the years.

And it was just by simply buying more books! Well, whaddayaknow?! πŸ˜‹

I didn’t realize my last purchase from these good people were way back in 2019.

Well, time flies whether you are having fun, or not!

And I was probably making up for lost time because I ended up making two orders in the same month!

My earlier order had just arrived safely yesterday. 😊

Here they are ……
Am really looking forward to this McGuinness. The brand new copy of this which I had ordered from Book Depository two years ago never did arrive, and it has been out of stock ever since. Here’s hoping that the deferred pleasure will more than make up for the past disappointment. πŸ˜‰

Another highly anticipated read. I really love these Penguin editions of Trevor’s series of backlist titles, of which I have managed to collect a few (and hope to add on).
Classy, aren’t they?

And now, here’s a little taste of the McGuinness, for your reading pleasure……

Let me take you down the thin cobblestoned streets of the Belgian border town of Bouillon. Let me take you down the alleys that lead into its past. To a town peopled with eccentrics, full of charm, menace and wonder. To the days before television, to Marie Bodard’s sweetshop, to the Nazi occupation and unexpected collaborators. To a place where one neighbour murders another over the misfortune of pigs and potatoes. To the hotel where the French poets and lovers Verlaine and Rimbaud holed up while on the run from family, creditors, and the law.

This exquisite meditation on place, time and memory is an illicit peek into other people’s countries, into the spaces they have populated with their memories, and might just make you revisit your own in a new and surprising way.

– Patrick McGuinness, ‘Other People’s Countries – A Journey into Memory’.

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