Of art and travel and memoirs, with a dash of espionage and the Russians…
Have been wanting to read this sad beauty for a long time now. I think this cover is done just right.
The Russian stack.
This is another beauty of a cover, done to perfection in my opinion. Can’t wait to dive in.
I was beyond thrilled when I saw this one at the bargain table. As it happens, I had been eyeing this one over the past couple of weeks and was contemplating of making an online purchase of it. :p


“Journey into an Obsession” / “Journey into a Painting”. Two rather one-of-a kind, distinct journeys. So interesting to see them placed side by side. πŸ™‚
I may have just started on a new collection with these Apollo Library editions. The covers and endpapers are just so rich. And they seem to be a worthy set of forgotten works too. Anyone familiar with any of these?


A little story on bookish serendipity here: I first spotted the Bowen and made a quick check on my Goodreads account to see if I already owned a copy of it (yes, it has come to that stage :p). While checking, I came upon a review of the Bowen by a reviewer (whom I have high regards for), and in it she mentioned about a neglected copy Norman Douglas’ South Wind being featured in one passage of The Last September. Her curiosity led her to eventually seek out the Douglas to read and found it to be so, so good. It was the first time I had heard of Norman Douglas too, and shortly after putting the Bowen into my cart, I glimpsed a copy of the just newly acquainted and ‘highly regarded’ Douglas on the next table. πŸ˜€
Two very unusual and unique books that tells the story of lives, that of the Bronte sisters and of women in the 20th Century, through the various objects found in a cabinet and button box. I just love books like these.
One of my favourite (yes, I have many favourites! :p) finds at the sale. This is a beauty to hold and behold (& also to read, of course). Have started reading this and am loving it so far. πŸ™‚
The insides are just as lovely.

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