Non-bibliophile (a.k.a NB friend) : So, how was your trip to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale over the weekend? How many books did you manage to get?
Bibliophile (a.k.a Me) : It was great! But uhm…. I don’t think you would want to know exactly how many books I bought. You’d be much too shocked.
NB friend : Come on, it’s not like I don’t you by now. Try me.
Me : Okay. Around seventy.
NB friend : 17?
Me : 70.
NB friend : Seventy??!!

(~~~~~~ radio silence ~~~~~~)

Me (after the awkward silence) : Told you it would shock you.
NB friend : I didn’t say anything.
Me : Yes, but your disapproving vibes are loud and clear enough. And now, you’ve kinda spoiled my fun.
NB friend : Well then, tell me if you can find one other rational person who would approve of this, and to think that it’s normal behaviour?
Me : But these were such good finds and for them to be priced at just RM6 & RM8 each (the equivalent of around £1.10 & £1.50), I’m sure other fellow bibliophiles would find it hard to resist too! Besides, I value being happy, more than being rational.

(~~~~~ another wave of silence ~~~~~~)

NB friend : I still think that it’s way over the top and you are overdoing it.
Me : And I still say, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this to be a joy beyond words (or rationale!) :p


…… or am I?
What say you, dear readers? Aye or Nay?

– further details and close-ups of these beauties to follow soon. 😉



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