Spot any favourites?

So, there’s been a small influx of books over here in the past couple of weeks, thanks to an outing to a book sales, as well as certain online discounts that I seemed to have gladly taken advantage of.

This was probably the ‘catch of the day’ from the outing to the book sale. Not too thrilled about the cover, though.
But pretty excited about what lies between the covers…..


It’s a truly beautiful volume to dip into.


And these are the ones that were not from the book sale. Am actually midway through the Jacobson and am surprised at how much I am enjoying it. Somehow I’ve always had the impression that his writing was not really my cup of tea.
Looking forward to the Koestler, most. The Highsmith was mainly a cover buy (given its ridiculously low price tag).


I have long since decided that I am a fan of Geert Mak, even though it has taken me forever to finish his ‘In Europe’ (still quite abit to go!) :p


This has got to be one of my favourite covers ever!

As I am already rather resigned to the fact that most of my stacks of TBR will very likely outlive me, I guess it’s futile to feel bad and guilty for this ‘extravagance’. Personally, I always feel that the joy and pleasure that I get by just simply gazing at them (even before any actual reading has commenced), is already well worth the price paid for.

As book collectors know all too well: We only regret our economies, never our extravagances.

Michael Dirda

My sentiments, exactly. 🙂






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