My February book haul has been an unexpectedly fruitful one. But what was even more unexpected was the source of the bounty – the hypermarket in my neighbourhood.
Although I have had success before, in coming across a couple of good finds from their bargain bin offering (at RM 5, or the equivalent of less than a pound each), it was more of a few and far between kind of affair. The quality and choice was never as abundant as how it has been in recent weeks.

And I was definitely one happy shopper who went home with more than just groceries! 🙂

I didn’t know that Jane Campion (director of The Piano) had made a film on the tragic romance between John Keats and Fanny Brawne until I came upon this edition of Keats’ complete poems and selected letters. Will have to check that out.


I actually already have the Yates in my other Vintage copy of his Collected Stories, but I found the cover of this one rather irresistible, hence the indulgence. The Hartley is another brilliant find which I am very excited about! As with the Murdoch and Peake.


Lovely covers, aren’t these? I wonder if I should watch ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ first before reading the book. I didn’t know that Seven Pillars of Wisdom was actually the memoir of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, did you?


The Shepherd’s Life and Walking to Vermont were the only ones that were bought from another sale elsewhere. I’ve heard quite abit of good things about the Rebanks, and although I knew nothing about the Wren, the tale of one man’s journey on foot from New York’s Time Square to the Green Mountains of Vermont sure sounds fascinating enough!

And just when I thought that I should be done for the month, guess what I found on the very last day of February when my mum asked me to drop by the hypermarket to pick up some toilet rolls that were on offer just for the day? :p

These two beauties! :))))

I don’t suppose it would be a surprise to anyone here to know that I have started to look forward to my weekly grocery errands with so much more enthusiasm! 😉


17 thoughts on “My Vintage February

  1. Your hyper market is c
    Early in a higher class than anything around in my part of the world. It’s astonishing that you could get such quality books for so little. Where is this wonderful store – we might all need to come shopping

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      1. Well I didnt know you lived in Malaysia. I had a wonderful holiday there about 15 years ago – in KL and the Cameroon Highlands. Also had a chance to get to Johu Bahru (spelling!) twice for work. Lovely part of the world


        1. So glad to know that you enjoyed your visit here! Cameron Highlands is a favourite getaway for me and my mum too. And how interesting to know that you have been to Johor Bahru for work. Did you also manage to pop over to Singapore while you were there? 🙂


          1. Yes, I managed to get to Singapore two or three times – it changed a huge amount during the different trips. I still have a lovely piece of cloth I bought in a market there


  2. Lovelieeees!
    Aren’t you a lucky person! This is absolutely amazing. If I had been the one that stumbled upon them and brought them home, they would have had been on my desk, on my bed for a week. I would just stare and touch and sniff…
    I saw the movie, Picnic at Hanging Rock and loved it. Hope the book is even better!

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    1. Yes, I most certainly am. 😀
      And you are right, this lovely stack has been sitting by my bedside, always close at hand, ever since they came home with me. And I find such comfort and joy just looking at them and touching the covers, and flipping them open. No sniffing for me, though. 🙂
      Am thoroughly enjoying Picnic at Hanging Rock right now, and looks like I will have to check out the movie too once I am done!

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      1. I remember getting Trollope’s Barsetshire series a year ago. I couldn’t get enough of them. I would smile every time my eyes would glance over them.
        Happines is casting a glance on your books. 😀
        Do check it out, it is beautiful!

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        1. I remember seeing the Barsetshire set on your blog last year, and can understand how they made you smile. 😀 Happiness is indeed casting a glance at one’s books. Totally agree! 😀 Have you started to make your way through the series yet?


          1. I’ve read Barsetshire Towers years ago.. Then, when I received the series, I read The Warden and planned to reread Barsetshire Towers (in English, this time), but did not. I suppose some other book happened. Don’t remember… I don’t see myself reading them this year, so they’re on hold. :/


          2. I’ve only read The Warden so far, and have been meaning to continue on with Barchester Towers but like you, some other book always seem to happen. :p


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