But this is the season for apparitions and fantasies, and I indulge myself in the possibility of a merlin. I remember childhood bird-watching always seeming to be just like this – full of romantic hopefulness and astonishment at the crossing of paths with wanderers from another country.

Richard Mabey, ‘A Nature Journal’.

October seemed to have left me in a dry and weary state, with a major bulk of the month being taken up with meeting deadlines at work, while having to deal with recurring water supply disruptions to the home, and finishing off unexpectedly with some rather unwelcomed dental woes.

Reading has been sporadic, with whatever leftover energy that remained. Having said that though, I must make mention of how much I have been enjoying Margaret Drabble’s delightfully charming book, ‘The Seven Sisters’. I am endlessly entertained by the witty and insightful writing that Drabble displays in bringing her characters to life, in this tale of seven unlikely (but not rather unlikeable, except for one) ladies who are well past their prime, embarking together on a Virgil inspired Mediterranean journey.

Am hoping that November would be a much more conducive month for doing some serious catching up on my reading, before the year ends….

By the way, am I the only one here who has just been made aware of the existence of these gorgeous, book-lust inducing, Anita Brookner reprints?


I happened to stumble upon this thrilling discovery while taking a brief stroll at a local bookstore over the weekend.  How brilliant it is of Penguin to decide on the use of these evocative black and white covers for their new Brookner reprints. The tone is just so aptly suited to the kind of moods and themes that often run through Brookner’s works. What a perfect match!

Can you tell that I’m seriously smitten?



10 thoughts on “The season for apparitions and fantasies…..

  1. Those Brookner’s must have only just come out since I was in the bookshop last Friday and there was no sign of them then. Pity because I would have gone for one or two of them to fill in gaps in my collection


    1. Their publication date seems to have been sometime in June, though I have also not seen any of them till now. I guess you now have a very good reason to make another trip to the bookshop! 🙂


  2. It arrived!! I was just planning to write and ask! 🙂
    Both Drabble and Brookner are the authors I have yet to discover. Beautiful covers, I agree!
    I am reading Christa Wolf and Woolf’s The Years is next in a row. Who knows when I will get to Drabble or Brookner..
    I need to plunge into Mabey’s book as well!!


    1. Yes, it arrived, safe and sound. 🙂 Did you not get my mail early last month telling you about it? Or the mail before that with some photos attached?
      I am surprised at how much I am enjoying Drabble, actually. Not sure if it’s just the book in particular or what, will have to read more of her to find out, I guess.
      And how are you enjoying your ‘Wolves’? :p


      1. No. I haven’t received any of those. :S 😦
        I have to check what’s happening!

        I have couple of Drabble’s books – Jerusalem the Golden and The Waterfall. Waiting, of course..

        Wolves are wonderful. I finished The Common Reader last month and I started reading Volf – already on a third book (I own four). The first was very interesting – she imagines a meeting of two German writers (Heinrich von Kleist and Karoline von Günderode). The second, Cassandra, made me want to go back to Ancient Greece, read Aeschylus and Homer again; made me want to throw myself into a sea of revisits and reimaginings – Atwood’s Penelopiad and The Song of Achilles for example, David Malouf’s Ransom… There’s so much of this kind of literature.


        1. Maybe they went into your Spam folder… 😦
          No worries, I’ll forward the mails to you again. There were 3 mails in total which I sent in Oct. The last was just a short note with an ebook. Didn’t get to you as well, I gather. :/
          Glad you are enjoying the Wolves. The Drabble I’m reading has a lot of reference made to Virgil’s Aeneas. You might like that. 🙂


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