BBW Box 1a (2016)

So, this is the sale where you pay for the box and get to stuff it with as many books as you wish, as long as the box can be closed and sealed, flat.

I have to say that I was quite impressed with my own packing skills (hahah!) considering the fact that I managed to squeeze all the above, and the ones below (plus a few thick hardcover volumes of food/ healthcare books that my mum wanted that are not in the photo), into one 32.5cm x 46cm x 20cm box.

BBW Box 1 (2016)

The Willa Cather letters was an unexpected (but utterly delightful!) find. A lovely hardback volume, with a beautiful dust jacket. I have to confess that I have yet to read any of her works, but have read so many good things about her that I am determined to get acquainted soon.

The two pretty volumes of Gerald Durrells (A Zoo In My Luggage; The Aye-Aye and I) are the lesser known titles compared to his popular Corfu trilogy, with The Aye-Aye and I being Durrell’s final adventure.

What made me pick out Evan S. Connell’s Mr Bridge was mainly because I had spotted its Penguin Modern Classics spine, and rare is the occasion where I see one and don’t bring it home. Now I guess I’ll probably have to look out for Mrs Bridge, too. :p

Julian Barnes’ Through the Window: Seventeen Essays (and one short story) looks rather promising as well. “From the deceptiveness of Penelope Fitzgerald to the directness of Hemingway, from Kipling’s view of France to the French view of Kipling, from the many translations of Madame Bovary to the fabulations of Ford Madox Ford, from the National Treasure Status of George Orwell to the despair of Michel Houellebecq, Julian Barnes considers what fiction is, and what it can do. ”

Adding on to my growing pile of ‘armchair gardening’ reads, are Richard Goodman’s French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France and The Roots of My Obsession: Thirty Great Gardeners Reveal Why They Garden. Delicious titles, don’t you think?

Chris West’s fascinating A History of Britain in Thirty Six Postage Stamps sounds like my kind of history book. Although I was never a stamp collector (I was more into coin collecting back then), this looks to be an exquisite volume that holds much appeal. 🙂

Being the Francophile that I am, I was thrilled to discover Lorant Deutsch’s Metronome: A History of Paris from the Underground Up. “Metronome follows Loránt Deutsch, historian and lifelong Francophile, as he goes on a compelling journey through the ages, treating readers to Paris as they’ve never seen it before. Using twenty-one stops of the subway system as focal points―one per century―Deutsch shows, from the underground up, the unique, often violent, and always striking events that shaped one of the world’s most romanticized city. Readers will find out which streets are hiding incredible historical treasures in plain sight; peer into forgotten nooks and crannies of the City of Lights and learn what used to be there; and discover that, however deeply buried, something always remains.”

If all I had managed to find in the sale was just this one book, I think I would still have felt that the trip was well worth it. Vivian Swift’s Le Road Trip: A Traveler’s Journal of Love and France has been on my wishlist ever since I knew of its publication four years ago. I became a fan of her works after chancing upon her first book When Wanderers Cease To Roam: A Traveler’s Journal of Staying Put, in one of the Big Bad Wolf sales some years ago. Her beautiful illustrations and charming doodlings are a delight to feast upon. Highly recommended!

I was also very happy to bring home the pile of Home and Living coffee table books in the second photo, as these books are usually out of my budget (even during their normal sale), so if ever there was a good time to grab them, it’s during the box sale. And grab them, I did!

All in all, each book in the box had averaged out to just around 1 USD (or less) each. Now, that’s quite a hard bargain to beat, wouldn’t you say? As the sale is still on till the end of this week, I am planning to make another trip or two, and hopefully come back with more goodies to share. Until then…. happy reading, everyone! 🙂



15 thoughts on “The Big Bad Wolf Box Sale: Box the First

  1. Excellent packing skills indeed! I love Willa Cather so I hope you do start reading her soon. (I have not read the letters however — looks like a lovely volume.) And the postage stamp book sounds interesting; that’s an angle on history I have not seen before.


    1. Thanks, Lory! I have sampled some of the letters, and yes, they are as good as they look! Really hope to start reading Cather’s works soon so that I can enjoy the letters better. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That is an amazing collection of books, and you are obviously brilliant at packing.The non-fiction ones all look wonderful, though I’m a bit wary of dogs, so maybe not that one… but you’ve got cookery, and gardening, and French buildings, and English stamps, and Elizabeth David, and herbs… I’m jealous!


    1. My packing skills probably come to the fore only when books are concerned (hah!). Too bad we don’t feel the same about dogs, though….. but am glad you approve of the rest of the books in the stack. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I must add that Barnes’ essay collection sounds very attractive. I will try to find an electronic version. 🙂
    And, congratulations on another successful book haul – the big bad wolf is not that bad after all, ha?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maybe the big bad wolf is bad in the same way that too much chocolate (or cheese) is bad for you?! :p (hahah)
    Yes, the Barnes does seem very appealing, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is I just found you an electronic version. 🙂 Expect a mail soon!


  5. Wow. I’m astonished at your haul. So many great titles! And then you went back, and back again ….. I would too. Actually I’m not sure that I’d ever leave. I bought Metronome on my last trip to Paris, but haven’t read it yet. I’m sure I would love 500 Buildings of Paris. I think the only book of your several hauls that I have read is Le Road Trip.


    1. Yes, it’s almost too good to be true isn’t it? Hahah…. definitely not something that any self respecting book lover could pass up without a struggle (of course there rarely is much of a struggle, anyway!) :p
      Looking forward to Metronome and Le Road Trip. Have you read her earlier one, When Wanderers Cease To Roam? I already have my eye on her latest, Gardens of Awe & Folly! What a glutton I am!


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