A lovely tender-hearted letter from you to me, from Rome, once the capital of the world and still capital of the Danesi ladies, came to me this last week. What joy. Bless the inventor of writing, be he Chaldean, Arab, or stone-cutter from prehistoric, shapeless scribes without known geography. By words we can write thoughts, we can write loves, hates, hopes, angers, memories, hungers of the soul and senses and make plans for a future.

Janet Flanner, ‘Darlinghissima: Letters to a Friend’


I have always loved the idea of letters, be it in the writing or in the receiving of one. Sadly though, both these activities are scarcely happening nowadays (for me, that is.)

I just learned recently that February happens to be the official month of letters, and so was kind of inspired to read some, at least (yeah, I love reading other people’s letters!) :p
Do you?

letters TBR 3a


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Letters

  1. I love letters and diaries. It has to do with my interest in how some other people perceive everyday events as well as what are their everydays consisted of.. I have read Van Gogh’s letters to his brother but, right now, I cannot remember if I read some other author’s letters.. Virginia Woolf’s, yes!.. But others.. I will have to refresh my memory…
    I have a ‘stack’ on my reading list, though.. πŸ™‚


    1. Who’s on your ‘stack’? πŸ™‚
      I have been collecting stacks of these but somehow have not really gotten down to finishing any from cover to cover. Always just dipping into one or the other….. The closest I ever got to finishing a complete volume was Sylvia Townsend Warner’s, I think. And right now, I am happy to be making steady progress with the Janet Flanner one. Let’s see if I can go all the way this time! :p


  2. I thought I had more on my stack but I only have Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic and Blaise Pascal’s Letters.. I guess all these titles that are memoirs and journals created an impression that I also have many letters compilations in my stack! πŸ™‚


  3. I love diaries and letters – they give such insights into what people were like, and how life was at a particular point in time. I think the only one I’ve come across from your pile is Virginia Woolf – I’ve dipped in and out of her diaries and letters over the years, and she always surprises me. She’s not at all as I imagined – much more humorous and joyful.


    1. I’ve been collecting Woolf’s letters and diaries but have yet to properly dip into them… something I hope to rectify soon. Looking forward to seeing her more humorous and joyful side, certainly! πŸ™‚


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