Up With The Larks

This book made me smile, a lot. πŸ™‚

I had the most enjoyable time in the company of Tessa Hainsworth’s memoir, recounting her first year as a village post-mistress in Cornwall after she had traded in her high-powered job as marketing manager at The Body Shop in London in search of a more balanced and fulfilling life with her young family.

The story of her transformation from outsider to ‘posh postie’ in her new community in the Cornish seaside village of Treverny, is filled with many heartwarming, amusing, inspiring and poignant moments. Cornwall has always had a special place in my heart ever since my first encounter with it five years ago. I loved the rugged yet idyllic atmosphere that Cornwall manages to evoke so effortlessly. Reading this memoir was the ideal way to be given a snapshot of life up close and personal, in one of my favourite corners in the world.

Firmly back in the present, I stop at the hamlet down from Eleanor Gibland’s cottage. It is a cluster of six granite and slate houses on a slope overlooking the sea and I park the van where Susie had parked when she was showing me the route, in a rough lay-by at the edge of the narrow track up to the houses. Then I grab my satchel ready to set out, but first I had to sort out the dog biscuits, as this is deep canine country. Susie had given me a list of each dog’s requirements.
The first two houses have either sheepdogs or mutts that will eat anything, the third one with a yellow door has a cat and no dog, but the last three are tricky. There is the border terrier that will only eat the green biscuits and an odd poodle/ bearded collie cross that likes only the bone-shaped yellow ones. As for that last house at the edge of the cluster, there is a black German shepherd dog that will eat anything you throw into the enclosed garden, including posties if you are not careful.

I am looking forward to continue reading on to follow Hainsworth’s further adventures in her second volume Seagulls in the Attic.

4 thoughts on “Up With The Larks

    1. This is really good fun, you’ll love it. As with Cornwall, too. πŸ™‚ You might also be interested to check out the Minack Chronicles by Derek Tangye, if you are looking for more books that are set in Cornwall. Have a great trip next year!


  1. I saw this book in your sidebar and loved the cover, so I looked it up and got myself a copy. It looks like just my kind of book. I haven’t started reading it yet, but your post makes me think I’m in for a treat. I would love to visit Cornwall someday.


    1. Yes, I was attracted by the covers too when I saw them at the book sale last year, and got myself all three in the series. Glad they are turning out to be as good as they looked! Lots of animals and good humour to be found in there, I think you’ll enjoy it much too. πŸ™‚


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