clock silhouette - d'orsay

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

(chalked on the blackboard in Albert Einstein’s office at The Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton).

I would like to believe that this best sums up what I feel about having come to the end of June (and the fact that half the year has already gone by), and looking at my blog, with its far from ideal amount of books being read so far…..

I know I have been enjoying myself grazing and pecking away at bits and pieces from various books, and even though it seems to take forever for me to actually finish reading one before my attention (& mood) gets pulled away in another direction, I have no complaints really.

Enjoying what I read, and reading what I enjoy…… that’s what counts, I guess.
(even if the words don’t always add up to make up for the total sum of a book!) :)