sandy poster 2a

…. but ended somewhat like a fairytale, happily enough. 

My aged dog of fifteen years, Sandy, went missing during a heavy thunderstorm last Monday evening. She had escaped from the house by way of an open garbage door (carelessly left opened by the garbage collectors that evening), and it was only much later that night, after getting home from work that I realised she was gone. What followed then was an intensive and exhaustive 5 days search for Sandy. I took time off from work to comb every street, every side lane and back lane, looked under every parked vehicle, walked through playgrounds, searched through school grounds, stopped strangers walking their dogs to ask and push my number into their hands(this, in particular was no easy feat, as I am a rather reserved & shy person by nature), looked into drains and possible bushes, registered Sandy’s profile on Petfinder and other animal welfare & rescue websites, forums etc…. all to seemingly no avail.

Until Saturday morning.
I was on my way to the printers to print more posters when I finally received a call from someone saying that she had seen my posting on Petfinder and thinks that she has Sandy with her. Gosh, I can’t tell you what tremendous relief I felt and the amount of gratitude I had for this kind soul who had not only rescued Sandy from a big drain that Monday night itself after being alerted to it while walking her dog, but had also given the best care and kind treatment to Sandy while she was in her care. She told me that had she not found me, she would have continued fostering Sandy for good. God bless her!

And so, after collecting Sandy back to the house and making a trip to the vet to check on her wounds (minor lacerations on all four legs), things have more or less  settled back to where they were before.

sandy bandaged2

Now, I can finally think of settling down into a good book and getting some much missed reading done.
And only then, can it be said that all is truly well, at last. 😉


8 thoughts on “The week that was a real nightmare …..

  1. I completely feel for you.Thank heavens you found her. Our little 5 kg dog went missing 6 days from the dog beach when she was scared off by a jogger. It was winter and she had somehow climbed a cliff face and sat there in a hollow for 6 days. We were just about to give up on finding her when our friend’s dog Lassie (of all names) smelled her out one Sunday morning. Storms and fireworks- dogs just don’t like them. I am so happy you found her. I wouldn’t wish that kind of angst on anyone.


  2. Oh Michell, I am so sorry you have had such a terrible time. Thank goodness there are such lovely dog lovers out there. Sandy is beautiful, and I love her expression and the ears in different directions thing in the bottom picture.


    1. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, Jane. Very much appreciated. Will let Sandy know about the lovely compliment you paid her. 😉 Hope all is well with you and Briar, too!


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