Is anyone else following the Winter Olympic Games that are now ongoing over at Sochi, Russia?
Well, I am. And I must say it has been one rather thrilling ride so far!
From watching Korea’s Lee Sang Hwa blazing through the speed skating tracks to a new Olympic record in the Women’s 500m Speed Skating Finals, to being treated to the mesmerizing performances by the top figure skating pairs in the world, this week has certainly been quite an ‘eyeful’ for me.
But the one event that I am really looking forward to catching, is the Snowboard Cross.

I haven’t always been this excited about the Winter Games though, and would probably have still remained indifferent if not for that fateful day back in the 2006 Winter Games at Torino, when by chance, I happened to watch the Women’s Snowboard Cross Finals on TV. It was the first time I saw anything about the sport, boy, was I hooked!

I still think it was one of the most exciting & thrilling (not to mention dramatic, as well) piece of sporting action I have ever seen.
Well, I thought you might like to watch it for yourself too…… so, here it is. 😉


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