kindle and elevators

I do not own a Kindle, but I do use my other Android devices to gain access to books in the digital format. And while I do not think that ebooks can ever replace the pleasures derived from that of paper books, yet I am all for the practicality and accesibility of having such an added convenient option to reading.

I think Stephen Fry has really nailed it there. Seriously, would anyone really mind having an elevator around, even if they feel that the stairs might provide a more solid experience of climbing?


3 thoughts on “Of Kindles and Elevators

  1. If you’d like to take a short look at library without books (anyone knows about) “The man who wanted to smell books” is a good read. It may even be prophetic. This book is a collection of short stories by Elspeth Davie, whose books I consider unputdownable.


  2. I’m sure that similar things were said about the death of live music when the gramphone was invented. I have a Kindle and I love that it gives me access to older books that I might never find any other way, but I will always aspire to have a ‘real copy’ of a book I want to keep in my collection


  3. I prefer the reading experience of a “real” book, but I also use my Android device–I check out books from my library, as well as take advantage of free and inexpensive Kindle books. In my opinion, the more access to books in any form, the better! My husband has always been a reader, but he adores his Kindle and prefers it over books.


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