In less than 48 hours’ time, I will be navigating my way through 3 million books that have been discounted by at least 75% – 95% discounts. And it’s all brand new books at that, too. Plus the sale is going to be open 24 hours non-stop from Day 1 right up to Day 10. So, if you happen to be around the neighbourhood and find yourself having a sudden urge to go book hunting at, say 3 am in the morning, you may by all means do so. Yes, the organizers are thoughtful people, indeed.

You would be right to think that I must be beyond excited at having such exciting prospects for a book lover to look forward to. Oh, and I also forgot to mention that I have received preview passes to the sale, which means I am one of the blessed souls who get to have my paws on the books one day before everyone else in (and out of) town starts to push their way in to the sale.

I really should be a picture of joy, except that I am not.

And it’s because of this very disturbing piece of knowledge that has been brought to my awareness since last week. {Warning: the link opens up to some rather disturbing graphics involving animals}. It has wrenched out every ounce of peace and joy in me ever since learning of it. I am beyond words at how utterly horrified I am, at the inconceivable evil that man can do. Man, who is said to be made in the image of God.

Yes, it is ugly. And we cannot turn a blind eye to it.
Please sign the petition.


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. You really should have a warning for that second link. I think you could warn about the horrors of the issue at hand without surprising your readers with such a hideous photo. Nor do I think the petition creator needed to have such a disgusting image on the landing page — perhaps a link for those who need visual proof that such a thing exists. How can I unsee that image? Terrible things happen in the world and I applaud people who try and stop them, but I don’t think making people feel physically ill is necessary to get them to sign a petition.

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    1. I am really sorry for the rude shock you had, Thomas. It wasn’t my intention to shock or surprise anyone reading the post by deliberately not giving any warning about the issue. It was just that I couldn’t talk about it myself without feeling sick to the core. And yet I knew I couldn’t just keep quiet and do nothing. Yes, it could have been done better but that was all I could manage, sorry.


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