abibliophobia (a)

Anyone here suffering from this particular condition, by any chance? 😉

I think the case with me, is more of having “the fear of running out of TIME to read!”
Now, that’s scary…..


8 thoughts on “A book lover’s phobia

  1. I do think that explains my overflowing TBR stacks! I never have enough time to read – I can’t believe I haven’t A) won the lottery, so I could retire to a life of reading or B) found a job where someone pays me to read books.


  2. The only way I could ever run out of reading material would be if my house burned down, also taking my planner with it (where I keep my TBR list). And even then, I know I’d be right there at the library or bookstore rebuilding the collection.

    There is a distinct possibility that I will never finish reading my stacks of books and my TBR list, however. Is there a word for that?


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