P1 IMG_7803
Pisa bound.
P2 IMG_7808
The main street leading from the train station right up to the Piazza dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles) where the Leaning Tower is (and where everyone is headed to). By the way, it was also on this street that we (unexpectedly) found ourselves the best pizzas to be had from the entire trip!
P3 IMG_7809
Stumbling upon this bookshop while walking along the main street was another unexpected pleasant surprise. Love the green ‘open roof’ concept!
P4 IMG_7812
Doesn’t this give you a kind of ‘park within a bookshop’ feel?
P5 IMG_7814
In case you were wondering what the name of the bookshop is.
P6 IMG_7815
Catching my first glimpse of the famous Leaning Tower.
P7 IMG_7851
The ‘Field of Miracles’.
P8 IMG_7853
The Leaning Tower at dusk.
P9 IMG_7856
The beautiful Baptistery.
P10 IMG_7871
While we didn’t manage to get a room with a view in Pisa, we did however, manage to get a ‘bathroom with a view’ though! :p (yes, this was taken from the bathroom window of the B&B we stayed at)


9 thoughts on “Leaning towards Pisa…..

  1. Thanks for reawakening my memories of Pisa. We were there in June last year when they were celebrating something or other. It involved houses and shops along the river bank to put thousands and thousands of candles on their frontages. It was beautiful but also manic


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