Hello again, everyone! 🙂

Yes, I’m back from my holidays! Back from the land of pasta and gelato, of Leonardo and Michelangelo …… it’s almost 2 weeks now since I’m back and have been thrown harshly back to reality (ie: work!) Sigh……. Not meaning to sound ungrateful for the wonderful break that I have been blessed with, but as always, there is the ‘post holiday blues’ that one has to contend with after the dust has settled. But I do thank God for having been able to have had a safe and most memorable trip. It has been a rather significant journey on many levels, both for me and my travelling companions.

Thanks also for all the well wishes from all of you! And so, as a note of appreciation, you will all be rewarded with an overload of photos to come! (hahahaha…… now, isn’t that just the perfect excuse for indulging myself?!) 😉

Anyway, remember what I wrote about my ‘reading plans’ while  I was to get myself busy with getting a taste of Italy? Well, it was to be able to at least try and read A Room with A View while in Florence. And guess what? I did manage to read the whole of (*drum rolls, please!*)………. three chapters, out of the entire trip! :O
Yes, shameful I know. But that was because I was rather caught up with some other things, like ……

……. trying to survive driving in Italy

IMG_8031 (drive)
My first experience with driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Took some real getting use to. Also discovered that Italians aren’t exactly the most patient people on the road. :p

…… making new acquaintances along the way

IMG_8476 (Tuscan kitty)
I had the most delightful time playing with this little fellow at the lovely farmhouse we were staying in at Tuscany.

…… being captivated by the beauty of the Tuscan landscape

IMG_8583 (df)

IMG_8526 (tuscany 2)……. busy sampling the local dishes

IMG_8406 (meal 1)
If you ever find yourself in the province of Siena while exploring the Tuscan region, you have to remember to try their local pasta. It’s a kind of thick, hand-rolled pasta (known as “pici”). Simply delicious!

……. giving the Leaning Tower of Pisa a helping hand! :p

IMG_7828 (pisa)…….. popping over to The Vatican City to send my regards to the Pope

IMG_9110 (vatican 2)

……. climbing up the dome of the St. Peter’s Basillica to get the view from the top

IMG_9078 (vatican top)

……. stopping by at the Trevi Fountain (to see if people really do still throw 3 coins into it) :p

IMG_9204 (fountain 1)
The Trevi Fountain in Rome.
IMG_9201 (fountain 2)
What we saw instead was a successful marriage proposal by the fountain followed by loud cheers from the crowd, congratulating this happy couple. 🙂

……. walking through the ruins of Pompeii

IMG_9424 (pompeii)

IMG_9488 (pompeii 2)

……. visiting the Blue Grotto on the coast of the Isle of Capri

IMG_9611 (blue grotto)
Choppy waters while lying down flat in a small row-boat to enter into the sea cave, can (& did) cause abit of motion sickness to those that are less hardy (like me).

blue grotto ……… taking the chair lift up to the peak of Mount Solaro (highest point of Capri)

IMG_9753 (chair lift)
This, unexpectedly, was to become one of my favourite experiences from the trip.
IMG_9738 (anacapri)
The view from the top. The quality of my photo here does not do justice to the real thing. It’s so quiet and tranquil up here, almost surreal.

…….. well, back to civilization!

IMG_7796 (hard rock)

…….  to arts & culture

IMG_7750 (david)
A replica of Michelangelo’s David, outside the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The real one can be found at the Accademia Gallery.
IMG_7908 (florence 1)
To get the best views of Florence and the Arno, do make your way up to the Piazza de Michelangelo (Michelangelo’s Square).

……… and gelatos!

IMG_7541 (gelato1)
One of the best gelatos around can be found at Shockolat, a gelateria located near the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (where Leonardo’s The Last Supper is) in Milan.

And although I did not get to read as much of the book in Florence as I had hoped to, I did however get to do this :

IMG_8018 (book 2)
Life imitating art.

 And gosh, was it fun!! 🙂

p/s – there will be more photos to come in the up-coming posts, so if you are not into that sort of thing, don’t say you have not been warned. :p


14 thoughts on “A taste of Italy

  1. I’m so looking forward to more photos — I *love* Italy. The post-holiday slump is a terrible thing, so showing up your pics will be very therapeutic, I think!


    1. I have made further progress with the book since my return from the trip, and am looking forward to enjoying the rest of it (regardless of the change in scenery….)


  2. Beautiful beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them as I sit here on a cold winter’s day way down under. Also laugh that we are not the only ones who take photos of animals we befriend on our travels. Pam


    1. Thanks, Pam! Hope the photos can bring some of the warm Italian sun to your cold winter’s day. And I think all those animal encounters that one has during one’s travels are definitely added enhancements to the whole experience. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jane. 🙂 Believe me, I really didn’t feel all that brave when I was actually on the road. And I nearly died while trying to manoeuvre the first turning to get out from the car rental office, into one of those extremely narrow streets of Florence (with cars parked on both sides of it as well!)


  3. So, so jealous! What a lovely trip. I think it was better for you to concentrate on the joys (and perils!) of traveling than to read your book–that’s what airline flights and airports are for! 🙂 Welcome home!


    1. Thanks, Kathy! Sorry for the late reply to your lovely comment. Am still struggling to get back into proper regular blogging…. really need to buck up and pay more attention to this little space here. Thanks for dropping by still. 🙂


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