Spotted on the Isle of Capri, Italy.

8 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a smaller roundabout than this?

  1. Ha ha- We have some tiny roundabouts here in Tassie near my neighbourhood but nothing built on them like this. Most people drive right over the top of them. But when they do drive properly they do their job. I love the scooter.


  2. Actually, yes I have! The roundabout is located in Springfield, Missouri, USA. The first time I happened upon it, I was so startled, I almost went straight instead of following the curve! πŸ™‚ That was the first roundabout I had ever seen in the USA. I’ve run across (not literally ~ haha!) several since then.


  3. yes, I have. In Britain a bunch of years ago. It was a large dot painted in the middle of the cross roads. And yes, it was a roundabout.


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