18 thoughts on “Scenes from the beautiful Amalfi coast….

  1. The Amalfi Coast is so beautiful. I haven’t been there since 2000 when some Italian friends drove us. I want to go back there with my husband but sure don’t want either of us to drive down that road. How did you travel on it?


    1. It’s definitely a wise decision for not wanting to drive down that narrow, winding coastal road. Unless one enjoys having a good dose of stressful, heart-stopping driving moments while on vacation, I think it’s best to leave the driving to the Italians! Or better still, to take the ferry. πŸ™‚
      What we did was, we took a train from Pompeii to Sorrento (the starting point to get on to the Amalfi Coast), and from there, we got on a ferry over to Capri. After spending a night there, we took another ferry down to Positano. From Positano, it’s easy to hop onto a bus to take you further down the coast to Praino, and thereon to Amalfi. From Amalfi, I would strongly recommend that you take a bus up to Ravello for some stunning views of the Mediterranean. When we were finally ready to leave the Amalfi Coast, we decided to take the ferry from Amalfi right back up to Sorrento. It’s about an hour’s ride. And you get to review back the entire Amalfi Coast line from the sea. Quite good, really.


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