And you were unhappy and sickly
Oh sublime poet of Recanati,
who, cursing Nature and Fates,
searched inside yourself with horror.

Oh never did those parched lips of yours smile,
nor those feverish, sunken eyes,
since… you did not adore the maltagliati,
the egg frittatas and macaroni pie!

But had you loved Macaroni
More than books, which cause black bile,
you would not have suffered harsh illnesses…

And living among corpulent fun-lovers,
you would have lived, ruddy and jolly,
to perhaps ninety or one hundred years.

a poem by Gennaro Quaranta in response to the pessimism of the poet Giacomo Leopardi of Recanati, who mocked the love the Neapolitans had for pasta, in his composition ‘The New Believers’ (1835).

I love pasta, but I am quite sure my love for it can never be more than my love for books!
Seriously, can anyone really prefer pasta to books? Really??
Anyway, I hope that doesn’t mean that all of us book loving people can’t live ‘ruddy and jolly up to ninety or a hundred’ now. 😉

So, while half the blogging community is headed over to Paris in July (a delightful annual event hosted by BookBath & Thyme for Tea, which I had greatly enjoyed last year but sadly will have to give it a miss this year), I will be heading off a little more to the south….. ITALY

This will be my first time visiting Italy, so naturally I am rather excited and looking forward to having two and a half weeks to enjoy some wine and cheese tasting under the Tuscan sun, to sunbath (and  bake!) along the Amalfi coastline, to walk among the ruins of Pompeii, to take in the rich history and culture of Rome, to marvel at the masterpieces preserved at Florence, and basically to just stuff myself with lots of pastas, pizzas & gelatos! 🙂

If you know of anything that is a must-see, or must-do, or must-try, please don’t hesitate to drop in a comment. It would really be much appreciated.

As observed from past experiences, I don’t think I will end up getting much reading done while on the go, so out of the stack above I’ll only be bringing E.M. Forster’s A Room With A View with me (with the intention of reading it in Florence). Since I will also be taking along my ebook reader with me (which by the way, is sufficiently ‘overloaded’ with ebooks), no worries about me having nothing to fall back on, alright? 😉

Things will be rather quiet here for awhile (as if it hasn’t already been), and should my attempts to put up some ‘live’ photo shots while on location fail, then I’ll probably see you all when I get back, all brown and toasted! 

Meantime, have a great July, everyone!!

Happy reading……


10 thoughts on “Had you loved macaroni more than books….

  1. I love to read a book set in the location in which I’m vacationing! It makes both experiences better! Hope you have a grand time exploring and I’ll try not be too jealous :).


    1. Thanks, Kathy! Yes, reading a book set in location does enhance both experiences better. It’s just that I usually end up failing to do much reading while on the go. Hope I fare better this time.


  2. Have a wonderful time – I am so jealous. I suspect that pasta would be in my top 10 favourite things, with books, cheese, gin… 😉


    1. Happy Holiday – I’d love to go to Italy. But we are going to Devon, to visit my elder daughter, which is even better because I miss her and, since I am another who likes to read books about the place where I am, I am lining up some West Country reading matter.


      1. Thanks, Christine! Enjoy your holiday, too! Devon is a place I would love to visit again someday as well. Have a great time with your family, and those West Country books. 🙂


    2. Thanks, Vicki! Just tasted a super yummy tagliatelle with white truffles yesterday. I can understand why you would have pasta in your list of favorite things. 😉


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