These two lovely tatted bookmarks were made by my best friend’s mum. Don’t you think their colours (and pattern) are a perfect match for the Bloomsbury collection? So very pleasing to the eye…..
Yet another piece of said best friend’s mum’s handiwork.
Yet another perfect match, I must say.
I wonder if anyone else agree with me that this one here has a rather Moorish feel to it? Anyway, I think it should find itself quite at home within the pages of A Stranger in Spain. 😉

IMG_7493a I think the picture sufficiently speaks for itself.

I am especially fond of this metal charms bookmark. Looking at it never fails to put a smile on my face. I got this from one of the shops along the Golden Lane (where Franz Kafka’s house once was) within the Prague Castle grounds a couple of years back.

Well, I hope the photos had been as fun for you as it was for me, putting them up. 🙂

Happy reading, everyone!


10 thoughts on “Perfect Match

  1. The bookmarks do match your books beautifully, and the tatted ones are lovely… Wonder if I could crochet some in fine cotton for some of my books. But would I use them? I do have bookmarks, but still end up using an assortment of old shopping lists, bus/train tickets, receipts etc!


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