Strolling the streets of Amsterdam.

In case you were wanting to take a closer look at those figurines on the window ledge.
The friendly neighbourhood cat, who always seemed to come out to say hello. Or maybe it just loves having its picture taken (which I did take quite liberally!)
For those who love to keep their animals looking good. (Click the photo for a clearer view)
For those who love to keep their compounds looking good. :p
I love this one! A picture really does speak a thousand words…..
Exquisite Delft art.
Reading between the trees.
There’s just something about looking at bicycles glistening in the sunlight by the canals in Amsterdam, that I find very appealing. Such a pleasant sight.

Amsterdam is truly a picturesque city. It’s a place where one can find equal pleasure in exploring the nooks and corners of the city, or just sitting down to behold the beauty and serenity that seems to flow quietly by, along the canals.

And if you happen to be a booklover as well, you will be happy to know that Amsterdam has also quite a generous supply of booksellers that may very likely surprise you with some real ‘bookish goodness’ moments.

Will be sharing some of my bookish delights encountered in the city, in the next post. So, stay tuned if you are into that sort of a thing. 😉


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