How true.

Especially so when I happen to be in the middle of feeling rather quite well-covered in the ‘dust of everyday life’, in recent weeks. Thankfully, we just had two days of national holiday over here, and coupled with the weekend altogether, I had a good four days stretch of much needed rest.

In between the ‘resting’ and busying with a personal piece of creative project I had promised to help a good friend with, I managed to pick up my copy of Wilkie Collins’ No Name which had gotten by the wayside some months back. It was a book I had enjoyed much, having started it earlier this year but as usual got distracted by other books and stuff and had set it aside somewhere along the midpoint of this 700+ pages doorstopper. Picking up from where I left reminded me of how very good it really is, and how much I am loving Wilkie Collins’ writing. And Captain Wragge (for those who are familiar with the book) has now firmly claimed the top spot as my all time favourite ‘scoundrel’. You just can’t help but love his wit and dash of humour!

And so, although I only managed to read fifty pages or so in the past few days, it did me a world of good! It was a good washing I had been in need of for quite a while, I guess.

Enough about me. How has it been for the rest of you? Read any books that gave your souls a good washing lately?  😉


4 thoughts on “Had a good wash lately?

  1. I’m reading a book right now called World Enough and Time, about creativity and slowing down. I think it qualifies for what you describe–definitely feel like it’s washing away the dust of everyday life.

    I love Wilkie Collins’ writing too–I’ve read The Woman in White and The Moonstone, and have a copy of No Name on my to-be-read shelf. I find his writing so enthralling!


    1. I have The Woman in White too, and the audiobook of The Moonstone. No Name is my first Collins and I am already certain that he is one of my favourite authors! Have you read Fingersmith? Its plot has been somewhat compared to the one in The Woman in White, so I was just wondering if you thought so as well, if you happened to have read it.


      1. No, I haven’t read Fingersmith. I’ve been reading about one Wilkie Collins a year since I discovered him (and I’ve found all of the ones I’ve read at my library’s bookstore!), so haven’t gotten to Fingersmith.


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