But Paris was a very old city and we were young and nothing was simple there, not even poverty, nor sudden money, nor the moonlight, nor right and wrong nor the breathing of someone who lay beside you in the moonlight. 

Ernest Hemingway


The Avenue des Champs-Elysées.
The Louvre after dark.
Night view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
So, this is how the City of Lights look from above…..

…. the bewildering beauty of Paris…

Allen Ginsberg


14 thoughts on “Paris in Pictures (#7)

  1. These are beautiful pictures, capturing the ‘zeitgeist’ of Paris. I see also that you’re using the same WordPress Theme as my blog Ripple Effects, except I don’t have the shortened ‘Previous Posts’ headings at the end. Now I must find out how I can do that.


    1. Thanks, Arti! That was the first thing I noticed too, when reading your blog, that we are using the same theme. You can go into the Appearance menu, look under Theme Options and choose your Archive Style (Detail or Concise). Concise will give you the shortened headings, if that’s what you prefer. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful and intelligent blog you have. A great addition for those of us in the Paris in July Challenge. I’m keeping a journal on my daily readings, CDs and magazines. The only thing I’ve had to buy are the magazines! Everything else is a read or re-read. Had to cancel a trip to Paris for my daughter’s wedding in Sept. Hope to be able to return in the Spring. Thanks so much.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Lorraine! I am very much enjoying the Paris In July challenge myself. Which books, CDs and magazines are you keeping yourself busy with?
      Sorry to hear about your cancelled trip but I am sure it will be more than made up for by the happy occasion of your daughter’s wedding. 🙂 Though if you did happen to have been able to go in Sept, we might have had a one-in-a-million chance of crossing path under Paris skies! 😉 Hope you get to make it there in the Spring, then. All the best!


      1. I highly recommend for serious French history lovers, any book by the British historian Alistair Horne: The Price of Glory:Verdun 1916,The Fall of Paris: The Siege and the Commune 1870-1871 and I’m currently reading The Seven Ages of Paris. I also recommend “Travelers’ Tales Guides Paris” and “TTG France” by Sean and James O’Reilly. The final day of the Tour de France is tomorrow.


        1. I can’t say I am a serious French history lover/reader, but am interested enough to know that I’ll be looking out for the titles you are recommending here. 🙂 The Seven Ages of Paris and Travelers’ Tales Guides sound especially good.
          So, you are a fan of the Tour de France… are you watching it for the cycling or for the French landscapes? 🙂


          1. Really DID start watching it for the beautiful overhead helicopter shots. The Alps and Pyrenees were breathtaking. Knew nothing about cycling and the Tour. After one season, started following the Schlech brothers, Contador and Evans. Now I buy the Tour de France magazine to follow, and map out the stages on a big map of France.And of course, the final stage in Paris is wonderful.
            Now i return to my real life, til next year!


  3. Congratulations to Team Sky, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome for a great 99th Tour de France. The British are happy today and so lucky to be able to go to Paris for a weekend! Good luck in the Olympics. A beautiful Stage 20 in Paris.


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