A lovely flight of stairs on the steep slopes of Montmartre. I had actually gone wandering the streets of Montmartre looking for another set of stairs I had seen on a black and white postcard. This was an unexpected pleasant discovery! To see this scene captured in painting, do check out Audrey’s blog at books as food.
At last, I found what I had been looking for! It was a moment of pure happiness and satisfaction. It was my first time in Paris and I had a day to myself to explore Paris as I wish, and finding this was at the top of my list.
I first saw this view when I was reading Alice Steinbach’s travel memoir Without Reservations : The Travels of An Independent Woman, back in 2006. She had used the picture of a postcard (which she had written and sent back to herself during her travels) to mark the start of each chapter. One particular chapter on Paris had this view on it in black and white, and ever since then I had always wanted to be able to capture this shot for myself.
There’s just something about this that seems to have captured the essence of ‘Paris’ for me.


Being here taking these shots, was for me, one of the most vivid and memorable experiences I had come away with from my 2007 trip to the city of lights.

10 thoughts on “Paris in Pictures (#2)

    1. Thanks, Kelly! No, it wasn’t easy. I was really getting flustered (maybe that’s also partly due to the steep slopes and streets I had to navigate around Montmartre :p) and suddenly, by sheer Providence as I turned the corner not expecting anything, there it was all stretched out in front of me. Bliss! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, there really is something about black and white photos and Paris that is just so appealing, isn’t it? I can’t quite think of any other city that can carry these shades just as well.


  1. I remember walking up those beautiful stairs in 1994 with my 2 young girls, thinking how lucky we were to be here and perhaps someday come back. Dad was in Turkey with Operation Provide Comfort and we missed him very much. We went into Sacre Coeur and said a prayer for him.


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