Came across this fun meme on Claire’s The Captive Reader and followed the trail to Cornflower who started it in conjunction with the Chelsea Flower Show. Too fun to resist. 😉
I’ve tweaked it to include books read (or listened to) in the last 12 months, though.

Early this morning as I was at The End of The Affair, I stepped out of Cold Comfort Farm into the garden and bent down to touch Something Fresh.

As dawn broke and I took in my surroundings I noticed several things: The Warden was struggling due to the Trick of The DarkWhose Body had been dug up in the Bay Of Angels under the The Go-Between, but with help from The Inimitable Jeeves and knowledge gleaned from Fair Play, I was able to bury it with The Man In The Queue.

Later, Some Tame Gazelles popped in to take a cutting or two; A Far Cry From Kensington, they told me, and pointed out my Metamorphosis.

Taking a well-earned rest from the weeding and chatting over the wall with Mr Lismore And The Widow from next door, I mentioned Such, Such Were The Joys & Other Essays and remarked on The Meaning of Night, but then Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen, we said And Then There Were None and I went back to do a little light pruning.

My garden was once The Invention of Murder, but tending it is a joy and part of Days Of Grace.


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