In about a month’s time from now, we’ll be seeing the Muriel Spark Reading Week hosted by Simon T and Harriet, taking off. Being the slow reader that I am, I thought I had better get started on my choice of Spark. And so I decided to take A Far Cry From Kensington with me while I accompanied my mum for a visit back to her hometown over the weekend. Incidentally, the town (technically, it has already achieved city status, but in essence it still feels very much like a town) which is famous for its good Chinese food, limestone caves, wealthy ex-tin miners, also happens to be the birthplace of Michelle Yeoh (a.k.a Ms Aung San Suu Kyi in ‘The Lady’).

Digressions aside, I am glad I still managed to read one third of the book amidst the busy schedule of eating (yes, eating is indeed one of the activities on the to do list for anyone visiting Ipoh) and meeting up with friends and family. I have also decided on the next Spark to follow up with, after reading Ali Smith’s introduction in A Far Cry. According to Smith, “….. Loitering With Intent can be seen as a sister volume, a bright noon to this ‘wide-eyed midnight’ of a novel. This is referring to the narrator’s preoccupation with insomnia in A Far Cry. I am enjoying the book so far and look forward to Loitering With Intent as well, as it is also listed as one of Simon’s 50 books to get stuck in. So there you are, those are the Spark titles I am going into the Reading Week with. What about yours? 🙂

And in case anyone is still looking for inspiration on which of Spark’s works to choose from, you might want to check this out. Open Road Integrated Media has recently released 8 of Spark’s titles as ebooks. There are some rather interesting and lesser known titles here that might be harder to track down elsewhere, which might interest some of you with ebook readers. Each ebook also comes with an illustrated biography, with photos and documents from Spark’s archive at the National Library of Scotland.

I find the covers rather appealing and fun looking.

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