Once upon a time there lived a sea lion who had lost the sea. He lived in a country known as the barren lands. High on a plateau, far from any coast, it was a place so dry and dusty that it could only be called a desert. A kind of coarse grass grew in patches here and there, and a few trees were scattered across the horizon. But mostly, it was dust. And sometimes wind, which together makes one very thirsty. Of course, it must seem strange to you that such a beautiful creature should wind up in a desert at all. He was, mind you, a sea lion. But things like this do happen.

How the sea lion came to the barren lands, no one could remember. It all seemed so very long ago. So long in fact, it appeared as though he had always been there. Not that he belonged in such an arid place. How could that be? He was after all, a sea lion. But as you know, once you have lived so long in a certain spot, no matter how odd, you come to think of it as home.

John Eldredge, Desire

How very true. But like the sea lion, I think I am slowly awakening to the thirst that has been building up inside for a long, long while.

Therefore, in this brand new year, I have resolved to wake up to my senses. To dare to welcome fresh new beginings. And to kick start things, I have finally started this blog. This will serve as a platform whereby I can come, to indulge in two of the things I am most passionate about – Books & Travel. Books, more so. 😉

I am not a fast reader, and neither am I good at articulating my thoughts to form wordy/worthy reviews. There are enough bloggers out there who are doing an excellent job in that department. But I do love books, truly. And in all its forms. Especially the aesthetic aspects of it. I love to see the visual display of books in all their splendour. This, being also one of the primary reasons for having this blog, will be featuring quite abit around here.  And in the possibly likely event that this blog will only have just an audience of one (myself), it would not matter. Because it would have served me well, by just being that special corner for me to come to, to unwind and find comfort and pleasure in the company of good books. Having said that though, I hope this will in no way deter anyone from wishing to drop by with the occasional comment or two, because you are most certainly welcome to do so. 🙂


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